Smartphone Technology, App Design-Development: Android

This subject aims to develop the theoretical and technical knowledge and skills necessary to develop various applications for handheld devices. The two platforms offered by this subject are Android and Windows Mobile. The concepts of Object-Oriented Programming, Graphical User Interface (GUI), local and distributed database design, web application and cross-platform development will be taught to enable students to develop mobile applications relating to real-life problems, games, entertainment and education.

All participants are requested to provide details for the course. You are welcome to use elearning tools, not mandatory. 

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:

·         be able to recognise and analyse mobile technology trends, especially the rapidly evolving and increasing utility of hand-held devices;

·         be able to compare and contrast the tools, language and platforms for mobile device applications;

·         be able to design, implement, analyse and evaluate applications for mobile devices;

·         be able to develop web based and distributed applications for mobile devices;

·         be able to implement, test and emulate modest mobile or tablet applications;

be able to create and use different strategies for developing cross-platform mobile 


The subject will cover the following topics:

·         Mobile technology trends.

·         Platform architecture of Android (Brief introduction on IPhone, Windows phone.

·         Application lifecycle in different platforms.

·         Object-Oriented Programming.

·         Design patterns and optimization techniques in the context of mobile devices.

·         Graphical User Interface (GUI) and multimedia.

·         Communication in distributed settings.

Database in local and distributed storage.